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Learning yoga with your own personal teacher will allow you to advance your practice more rapidly. You will benefit from the teacher providing you with their undivided attention, allowing you to gain detailed tips and techniques.
Classes are usually 75 minutes.

1. New Student
Starting Yoga in a group class environment can sometimes be an intimidating or overwhelming experience for your first practice. Leave the fast pace of the classroom behind you and try a private session adapted to your ability and level.

2. Deepen your practice
If you want to advance your practice to the next level, this is for you! The class will involve specific tailored workshops to improve your arm balancing and inversion, twists, hip opening and back bending. “Everything is difficult until it becomes easy.”

3. Recovery
If you are recovering from injury, you will benefit from this class, using Yoga rehabilitation exercises adapted to your condition. Using gravity and the weight of your body, heal yourself with gentle movements and breathing techniques. Less is sometimes more.

4. Holistic
Many diseases and ailments in the body are the result of imbalances in our lifestyle. Holistic Yoga can help strengthen your immune system and build up defenses against future viral attacks or other forms of illness. It can also help overcome anxiety and stress. Take a Holistic Yoga class in a friendly and calming environment.

5. Mediation
Meditation is a powerful practice! Clear the mind and ease many health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression or anxiety. Actors, athletes, musicians and successful businesses use meditation as part of their daily routine to help them succeed.

Adam is available for group classes, private classes, workshops and retreats.




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