Corporate Workshops, Mindfulness&Meditation:

Investing in your employee’s health and wellness has a huge return investment. Reduced health care costs, increased job satisfaction and morale, and greater productivity. Reduces stress and tension Improve focus, concentration, and memory Relieves head, neck and back strain Increases overall physical and mental health Aids posture and flexibility Inspires a better day!

Adam provides seminars and workshops educating your work team, providing them with many simple tools and techniques to improve the quality of life, he also debunks certain myths about meditation, Yoga and mindfulness practice.

Weekly classes:

Have Adam come is to your workplace on a regular basis.

Adam has created a unique method of relaxation, meditation, mobility and release techniques specifically for the corporate world. Starting with deep relaxation and meditation to calm the nervous system and reset your body and mind, ready then to move into holistic movements to restore the neck, shoulders spine, hips, knees, and ankles.

Adam draws knowledge and inspiration from circus arts, traditional Balinese, Indian and Chinese wisdom traditions, massage therapy, Yoga, and Mediation, to offer his students a unique holistic approach to body mind and spirit, leaving you feeling balanced, energized and centered ready for life.

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