About Adam

yogadam-aboutAdam’s journey into the world of Yoga began from an unlikely place, starting in 2001.

During an elite basketball academy training program, Adam was made to Yoga by coach Todd Stone in an attempt to improve the team’s flexibility. Adam’s basketball playing career ended due to injury and slipped into an unhealthy choice of life and became a Gangstar.

In 2005, Adam travelled around the world for one year to escape his lifestyle. On this trip, he discovered the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa. He continued to search for the best teachers he could find on his adventure, which would change his life forever.

On the same trip, he also discovered the art of fire dancing in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Flow arts, Yoga and Meditation became Adam’s passions in life. He has been dedicated to his practice ever since.

Whilst in Byron Bay Australia in 2006, Adam attended a Deep Tissue Massage course where he deepened his understanding of the human body and gained insightful ways to heal people.

Adam then spent several summers in Ibiza, Spain performing fire shows at the world’s most prestigious venues and events. There, he co-created Energy Entertainments in 2008 a successful fire entertainments company. Adam has performed at some of the biggest festivals in Europe, led workshops and training with professional circuses, choreographing & performing spectacular routines at high profile events around the globe, He has also appeared on the discovery channel “Beach life in Goa” and Britons got talent 2008 and   was contracted at the Warner Brothers studio Australia.

Although Adam has had an intense performance career, he has practised Yoga as part of his daily ritual. He has been blessed to train with some renowned masters teacher from Ibiza, India, Bali and LA.

In 2011, Adam began teaching his first Hatha Flow Yoga classes in Ibiza and has been dedicated to sharing the practice ever since.

Adam’s philosophy is: “Fundamentally, we are all students of life searching for connections with others and a sense of inner peace and happiness. Through Yoga and Meditation, I help people explore themselves and transcend beyond their physical and mental limitations.”

“I believe everyone can benefit from Yoga, regardless of age or ability.”

He has spent the past 5 years in India and Bali for the past 2 years teaching classes, workshops and retreats as well as managing” OM Yoga” Shala and Australia.

He is now based in Montreal, Canada teaching at Wanderlust and Presence Meditation centre where his continued success and passionate following is a reflection of his unique style and warming character.

This multitude of talents, relatable beginnings, and engaging personality keeps Adam in demand and his classes living on well after the last student leaves the class.

Adam gives special thanks to his teachers,

James Demaria (Ibiza)

Vijay Amour

Pak Merta Ada Meditation